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Orange Crush Mini – Orange

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The Orange Crush Mini is your ticket to rocking out with classic Orange vibes in a tiny, featherweight package. Whether you’re shredding in your bedroom or tuning up backstage, this little powerhouse has your back.

With straightforward knobs, you can dial in a range of killer tones. Crank up the Gain for face-melting distortion or ease off for clean and crunchy vibes. Adjust the Shape control to fine-tune your sound – more mids or a scooped tone, you call the shots!

But wait, there’s more! Connect the Crush Mini to any speaker cabinet and brace yourself for a huge sound that defies its size.

This bad boy comes packing a built-in tuner, a headphone output for private jam sessions, and an Aux In to groove along to your favorite tunes.

Fueled by a 9V battery (included) or an external adapter, this amp springs to life the moment you plug in your guitar. Time to unleash some sonic magic!


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