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Orange Crush Bass 100 Combo – Orange

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Snagging bits from our top-tier 4 Stroke and OB1 bass amps, the Crush Bass 100 brings the thunder to smaller gigs with serious swagger. This combo amp is a wild mix of power and flexibility. Using fancy tech not usually seen in combos, the secret sauce behind its epic sound is the 100 Watts of pure muscle in the amp. By choosing high-quality bits and bobs (not your average circuits), this amp dishes out crystal-clear tones from top to bottom, with a 15” speaker delivering even the deepest bass notes loud and proud.

But wait, there’s more! The preamp packs a punch too. With an active EQ that lets you play around with mids, plus a Gain and Blend feature for extra oomph, you can tweak the Crush Bass 100 to suit any vibe. These nifty controls add rich harmonies and a touch of grit to your bass sound, whether you’re jamming out classic vibes or cranking up the distortion. And hey, you can even control them remotely with a footswitch. Not to mention, this amp has all the bells and whistles you could dream of: a balanced line out, effects loop, tuner, aux input, and a headphone output with CabSim tech for silent practice. From jamming in your room to rocking out on stage, this amp is a true all-rounder!