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Free The Tone Custom Shop – SOV-2-CS

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CUSTOM SHOP OVERDRIVE- Available Worldwide on April 28, 2023.

FREE THE TONE has released an OVERDRIVE pedal that has undergone continuous evolution over 20 years and has attracted many guitarists. One of those pedals is the “SOV/OVERDRIVE”. While there were several variations of the SOV, the final form “CUSTOM SERIES/SOV-2” was discontinued in 2018, much to the regret of many. Five years have passed since then, and after a long development period, the SOV is finally evolving into the SOV-3. While the SOV-3 is still in development, the decision was made to revive the SOV-2 by producing a small quantity and selling it through the FREE THE TONE CUSTOM SHOP (as of April 22, 2023).
The “SOV-2/OVERDRIVE” adopts a high-performance DC-DC converter in its internal power circuit, boosting the voltage input at 9Vdc to ±15Vdc, supplying the signal circuit and operating it. This allows for an overwhelming dynamic range, reproducing the sound and characteristics of the guitar, delicate picking nuances, and hand touch as differences in tone while applying a natural drive. This OVERDRIVE pedal reproduces the soft harmonics and rich drive sound that vacuum tubes possess, and that is the “SOV-2/OVERDRIVE”.
The appearance of the SOV-2-CS is finished according to specifications designed for musicians. The die-cast case is unpainted, and the markings such as letters are printed on labels and manually attached one by one. Inside the back cover, there is a handwritten signature of the developer, Yukihiro Hayashi, on each unit.


Although the SOV-2 does not use vacuum tubes, various efforts were made over several years to design it in a way that would achieve the soft harmonics and dynamics of a tube amp. The first step was the power circuit. Increasing the power voltage is effective in achieving the dynamics of a tube amp. While using a power transformer is one method, it is very expensive and not practical for fitting the circuit into a small die-cast case. Instead, a high-performance DC-DC converter was adopted to design a power circuit of ±15Vdc. Additionally, a powerful filter circuit was added to reduce the noise of the power line caused by the oscillation circuit within the DC-DC converter, and careful consideration was given to supplying clean power to the circuit. The power circuit is important as it directly affects sound quality.

Next, optimization of the signal path was carried out. It is a well-known fact among designers that sound changes with the design of the signal path. A considerable number of prototypes were made, and efforts were made to get closer to the intended sound. As a result, it took several years to complete the SOV-2, but satisfactory results were achieved.

The SOV-2 has unique characteristics and is an effect pedal that matches not only Marshall and Fender amps but also many boutique amps. To increase sound variations, it is also recommended to use it in combination with other overdrive pedals. As a designer, there is no greater joy than to have many people explore its potential and find it helpful.