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ESP Custom Lab Tremolo Tone Spring Type-2

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A tone spring developed focusing on the effect of the tremolo spring that supports the tension of the strings on the sound. Spring is also an important factor to build the overtone composition of string vibration, and especially in floating tremolo with few fulcrums that transmit string vibration to the body, increasing the number of springs and strengthening the base will change the sound image thickly.

However, if you simply increase the number of springs, problems such as floating becoming impossible or the springs shrinking and coming off when up occurs. ESP Custom Lab has developed soft and supple springs to solve these problems.

In TYPE-2, by increasing the wire diameter and spring outer diameter, the high mid range is strengthened while maintaining suppleness. The tension is designed to be a little stronger, and it is possible to control the tone and tremolo touch by combining with TYPE-1 and conventional springs, as well as setting with TYPE-2 only.

-Designed on the assumption that 4 to 5 guitars will be put on an average setting guitar. Please adjust according to your preference.

-Can be used in combination with other springs. It is also effective for floating settings and sound quality adjustment.

-It is also effective for tremolo with non-floating settings.


-Replace the springs one by one, or loosen the strings before replacing.

-There are sharp points due to the nature of the product. Please handle with care.

-The effect may be difficult to understand in terms of sound quality depending on the amplifier settings and volume.

・ Do not use for any purpose other than guitar tremolo.

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