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Enya Nova Go EQ Carbon Fiber – Black

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The new Nova Go is the world’s first convenient carbon fibre smart guitar with its own live sound card, effects, and Bluetooth playback control. Features Enya’s newly developed D1 DSP smart audio chip and is equipped with the ES1 audio processing system.

New Acoustic Carbon Fibre Material

With a new breakthrough in material technology, the Nova Go uses Enya’s newly developed acoustic carbon fibre material, making such a compact acoustic guitar not only light and convenient, but also with a crisp and bright original sound. The large-curved panel + bow-shaped back panel integrated acoustic structure design makes the original sound of the thin and compact Nova Go stunning and outstanding. Thanks to the technical advantages of this new acoustic carbon fibre material, the Nova Go is only 35 inches in length, 88mm at its thickest point, and the weight of the guitar is 1.8kg. It is the lightest acoustic guitar that Enya has ever designed.

Easily Switch 4 Effects with One Click

Unvoiced, singing, solo, fingerstyle, more playable, more diverse styles, daily performances and stage performances can be competent, each sound effect can be connected to the newly developed Enya music APP platform via Bluetooth, easy remote control Nova Go creates your own sound.

Turn into a Bluetooth Speaker

The Nova Go body is also equipped with a bone conduction sound tone enhancement and vibration module. It can not only make your guitar come with reverberation and delay effects, but also connect to your mobile phone via Bluetooth, making your guitar a Bluetooth audio drum machine player, as well as for music and accompaniment.

Built-in Smart Sound Card

In the era of new video media, live broadcast and audio recording, the Nova Go is the first to become the world’s first smart guitar with its own smart sound card that can process guitar and vocals at the same time. The Enya Music App is an intelligent and innovative music software specially created for Nova Go. It supports downloads from App store and Android app store. It can be connected with Nova Go intelligently, and has a large number of music scores, practical tools, music information and other functions, which can satisfy you various daily playing needs.

IOS: App Store, Android: Xiaomi App Store, Oppo App Store, Vivo App Store, Tencent App Store (Just search for “Enya Music” in the above store)

Up to 5 hours on a Single Charge

The Nova Go is equipped with a 3400ma high-capacity 18650 battery, which can be used for 5 hours on a single charge.


  • History-breaking D1 chip and ES1 intelligent sound system
  • Easily switch 4 effects with one click
  • Turn into a Bluetooth speaker in one second
  • Built-in smart sound card
  • Connect to Enya Music App
  • Use for 5 hours on a single charge
  • New acoustic carbon fiber material
  • Lightweight and convenient new realm
  • So thin, so magnificent
  • Acoustic guitar feels a new world
  • Easy and extraordinary performance experience